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Proyecto Correo en otros Países / Post Mail Project in other countries

La obra Correo fue creado en base a una recopilación y selección de cartas de personajes relevantes para la historia, tanto Universal como Chilena. Dependiendo del lugar geográfico y la historia local donde se presente Correo, algunas de sus cartas serán modificadas, específicamente aquellas que abordan  temáticas que permiten sensibilizar al público desde la identificación con su territorio: Carta sobre Educación, Carta sobre Política.
Esta experiencia ya se ha probado en Catalunya, España, y en Porto, Portugal, teniendo un gran éxito y aceptación por el publico.
For Presentations in countries where Spanish is not spoken we have a specific proposal, as explained in our Dossier, research is carried out around letters of the local history of the country in which we are. Two or more letters are selected to be read in the scenes dealing with Politics and Education. In this way, the audience is identified from the raising of sensitiveness with its own territory.

Regarding the performance of the actors, the cast is able to read a maximum of two letters in the local language. There are also 3 off-texts, which are recorded in the language of the country where the play is presented. The rest of the texts said by the actors will be subtitled with audiovisual projection.

Another fact that allows the community to be involved is the “Epistolary Genre Workshop”, dictated by the director of Proyecto Correo. During the workshop, a letter-writing exercise is carried out, in which attendees write letters to each other, with the indication of involving the description of some space in their city. Then the letters are read, to finally choose one of them, which is read by the actors during the performance of the play.

All these proposals have already been carried out with great success in the performances held in Porto, Portugal at the FITEI Festival, during August 2018.
Finally, we also handle an alternative option, which involves in a more direct way the artistic community of the place where we present Poyecto Correo. This proposal is to develop the play with a local cast, considering the presence of one of the original actors of the play. This proposal involves more time and production.

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